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Create Autorun On Flashdrive

Autorun is very useful to speed up accessing the drive or the new device was inserted. For example in Flashdrive. In the flashdrive, we can create their own autorun.inf file, using notepad.

UXTender - Changing The Visual Style

change visual styleBored with the visual style which included by default from microsoft? Actually you can add to the visual style folder to put them into windows / resources / themes /, but it was only for a visual style that you've got a signature by microsoft when the intenet is not most visual style that no signature by microsoft. Therefore, we need to do a patch on uxtheme.dll file that located in sistem32. To do this, we can use the software UXTender.

Flash Disk Mengalami Write Protect

Flash Disk experienced Write protect error
  • You can not delete files or insert files into flash
  • When the format of the message write protect
  • Flash experience this only on certain computers only.

Install Ubuntu Maverick Meerkat Dual boot with Windows

Ubuntu Maverick Meerkat release dated 10 October 2010. It was a perfect ten. Maverick Meerkat is a continuation of Lucid Lynx LTS Ubuntu.
windows ubuntu
  1. Ubuntu LiveUSB or LiveCD. You can download Ubuntu here
  2. At least two Partition Harddrive, one for Windows and one for Ubuntu. If you only have one disk partition, you can use Gparted which is provided by the Ubuntu LiveCD LiveUSB or via System> Administration> Gparted
  3. Install Windows first then Ubuntu

Create Ubuntu live USB

Ubuntu has many advantages compared with other operating systems. Among them, Ubuntu has a feature LiveUSB. With LiveUSB, Ubuntu can be used without installing them. In addition, LiveUSB lighter than liveCD.
  1. Ubuntu image. You can download here
  2. Universal USB Installer. You can download here
  3. At least 1 GB USB stick
  4. Boot from USB in Bios
Here are the steps to make Ubuntu LiveUSB on Windows
  • Run Universal USB Installer.
    Universal USB Installer